Leadership Team

Reveal Digital is guided by a team of information industry veterans who share a passion for humanities content and open access.

Jeff Moyer, Founder

Jeff provides the strategic vision and direction for all Reveal Digital activities. Jeff is a publishing industry innovator and principal at NA Publishing who has provided visionary leadership to ProQuest, Cengage/Gale, National Archives Publishing Company (NAPC) and now Reveal Digital.

Jeff’s insightful approach to library information needs has contributed to the development of some of the most widely-recognized scholarly initiatives of the past twenty years. Jeff headed the Digital Vault Initiative at ProQuest which resulted in such landmark new digital products as Early English Book Online (EEBO),  EEBO Text Creation Partnership, Historical Newspapers, HeritageQuest and American Periodical Series.

After a short stop at Gale, Jeff became a partner in NAPC and helped establish its Content Solutions offering. Jeff was responsible for several large content conversion projects including the ERIC Backfile Project (over 75 million pages), the Ovid Journal Backfile project and the scanning and microfilming of the Martin Luther King Papers for Morehouse College.

Jeff is driven by his desire to make cultural heritage material as widely available as possible while keeping it from becoming locked behind paywalls.

Jeff is also working on perfecting his artisanal pizza-making skills and loves to explore interesting places off the beaten path.

Peggy Glahn, Program Director

Peggy works to raise awareness of Reveal Digital’s model and directs engagement and outreach activities to the library community.

From her first job as a public library “page” until today, Peggy has spent nearly her entire life working with libraries. Much of her career was spent at ProQuest and Cengage/Gale where her roles included indexing newspapers, selling digital content to libraries, conceptualizing and developing new print and digital reference collections.  Just prior to coming to Reveal Digital, Peggy worked with national libraries and scholarly publishers worldwide to help plan and execute large digitization projects through service provider, Apex CoVantage.

Peggy is delighted to bring her well-rounded experience and love for working with librarians together to help advance Reveal Digital’s open access ideals.

As an avid birder, if there is a window in a meeting room, Peggy is easily distracted by feathered fly-bys.

Peg Knight, Director of New Product Development

Peg conceptualizes and develops new collections under Reveal Digital’s open access model.

Throughout her career in publishing, educational technology, and the information industry, Peg has conceptualized and published award-winning print and digital reference sources on topics as wide-ranging as Native American tribes, modern dance, Shakespeare, and fashion. In the textbook space, she scaled the Aplia online homework solution across humanities disciplines, working in a collaborative startup culture in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Driven by a passion for helping the intellectually curious find and use information, Peg learned about academic reference from the inside out, first in editorial functions at Gale where she built dozens of resources, eventually moving into new product development and product management. Having worked with academics and academic libraries throughout her career, Peg is excited by the opportunity to support all academic researchers via the innovative Reveal Digital open access model.

Peg is passionate about innovation and creativity, indexed her Beatles albums in junior high, and does Vinyasa Yoga every chance she gets.

Ken Wachsberger, Developmental Editor

Ken provides editorial direction and support for digital projects beginning with Reveal Digital’s first collection, Independent Voices. One of Ken’s key responsibilities is identifying and locating publishers of titles targeted for inclusion in the collections and negotiating open access agreements.

Ken is a long-time author, editor, educator, political organizer, and consultant who has written, edited, and lectured widely on the Holocaust and Jewish resistance during World War II, the First Amendment, the Vietnam era, among many other topics. Ken is the editor of the internationally praised Voices from the Underground Series, a collection of histories of individual underground papers from the 1960s and ’70s as written by key people on each of the papers. The research and contacts that resulted from this multi-year effort have proven invaluable in his content development role at Reveal Digital.

A passionate reader of books in print format, Ken has nevertheless embraced e-books as a format to broaden the audience for his own books. In his free time, he tends to his indoor garden, travels with his wife Emily, and is finally making inroads into cleaning his basement.


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