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$1,794,453Funding Goal
Funded: $1,798,833
Percentage Pledged/Funded: 100%
Number of Backers: 111
Funding End Date: January 31, 2017


You can view the organizations and libraries that have committed funds to Independent Voices here.


The flood-like appearance of an alternative press in the late 1960s expressed the upsurge of dissent and of aspiration of American youth. Feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals and the New Left, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Latinos, and members of the LGBT communities all began to publish newspapers and periodicals. Drawing their inspiration from the successes and failures of the Civil Rights movement and the movement against the Vietnam War, an amorphous but broad movement for radical change splintered. Black civil rights organizations like SNCC expelled whites from their organization, Students for a Democratic Society became increasingly divided over tactics and goals; radical feminists challenged male-dominated New Left groups as organizations that replicated the gendered roles of society they purportedly were seeking the remake; and marginalized groups like members of the LGBT community resisted police harassment at Stonewall and beyond. All of these groups found their voices in the alternative press.

From 2013 through January of 2017, Reveal Digital will release seven series on the alternative press focusing on that transformative period of the 1960’s – 1980s.
* Feminist
* Minority
* Campus/community
* GI Press
* Small literary magazines
* Right-wing press

The collection includes the complete runs of newspapers, magazines and journals drawn from the special collections of source libraries. When completed, the Collection will represent the largest digital collection of alternative press titles, with complete runs of over 1,000 titles and 750,000 pages. We are holding open 10% of the expected page count to allow funding libraries to suggest titles to fit any local needs.

The Collection will be hosted on the Reveal Digital platform, which will provide controlled access to funding libraries until the collection moves to open access. The platform provides page image-based access with full-text searching, hit-term highlighting, searchable title and issue-level metadata and browsing by series, title and issue.

This collection is scheduled to be completed in January 2017. There is a two-year embargo period after the project is completed before the collection will move to open access (January, 2019). Prior to this date, access to the complete collection is limited to funding libraries.

Anyone may search Independent Voices today. A limited number of publications are open access now and may be viewed (look for titles without a padlock).  

Click here to begin searching the collection.


Click on the page links below to view online the title lists for each Series.

Feminist Series

LGBT Series

Literary Magazines Series

GI Underground Press Series

Campus Underground

Minority Presses, Latino(a) Series

Minority Presses, Native American Series

Minority Presses, Black American Titles

Right-wing Presses Series

An Excel workbook containing all series is available for download here:

Independent Voices Title List


Reveal Digital is the project champion for this project


Library Type One-Time Payment
2 yr colleges and smaller publics $5,130
Bachelors $5,130
Masters and large publics $6,770
Other Doctorate $10,250
ARLs $20,500


Original images will be stored as uncompressed 300 dpi 24-bit color TIFF images, conforming to the TIFF 6.0 specification. Images will be cropped to the page edge.

Derivative images will be 300 dpi JPEGs, compressed 20% for online delivery.

Issue level metadata will be provided in a METS/ALTO format with page-level OCR.


Independent Voices Cost Graph (Rev 2.0)



Independent Voices Project Plan Graph (Rev 2.0)



Source material is being provided by more than two dozen libraries and individuals, helping to make this a ground-breaking collaborative project. Large contributions have or will be made by Duke (feminism and lgbt), Northwestern (feminism and lgbt) and the GI Press Project, University of Wisconsin (literary), the University at Buffalo (literary), Michigan State University (underground), UMBC (Alt Press archives), University of Texas (Chicano), NYU (minority, underground), University of Kansas (right-wing), BGSU (underground) and University of Arkansas Little Rock (Native American). The complete list of source libraries may be found here. This list is updated automatically when material from new libraries is added to the collection.


As each series nears completion, you will find Series Overviews designed to help librarians raise awareness of Independent Voices with faculty and students.  Please check back regularly for new overviews.

Independent Voices Feminist Series Summary (Rev 1.2)

Independent Voices GI Press Series Summary (Rev 1.0)

Independent Voices Campus Series Summary (Rev 1.0)

Independent Voices Literary Magazines Series Summary (Rev 1.1)

INDEPENDENT VOICES – one pager (Rev 2.3)


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