How It Works

Our unique library crowd-funding model uses library acquisition dollars to fund the development of digital collections. Working closely with content holders, we help define and scope the collection, determine the cost base for producing the collection, provide data conversion and hosting services, and manage the entire process.


All of the costs associated with producing and hosting a new digital collection define its cost recovery threshold. From that cost base we determine a tiered funding structure under which the project will be offered to supporting libraries. During the six-month open enrollment period, libraries can make non-binding commitments to purchase the collection. If we receive more commitments than required to achieve the break-even goal, the price to individual libraries will be reduced proportionally!

Making Commitments

To make a commitment to a project simply go to its project page after logging in and hit the ‘Make a Funding Commitment’ button then follow the prompts and confirm your institution’s commitment to fund the project.

Source Libraries

Source libraries and rights holders receive digital copies (images and metadata) of all of the material they provide to a collection. REVEAL DIGITAL makes no ownership claims to the digitized content. All rights to the content reside with the original rights holders or with the source institutions for out-of-copyright material. To facilitate communication with the end users we provide links from the content pages in our collections to the rights holders and/or source institutions.

Funding Libraries

Libraries that fund a collection will receive early access to the collection, free MARC records, COUNTER compliant usage reports and full support for mass text downloading. They will also be supporting a new approach to funding the digitization of special collections that insures that access to important cultural material is free and accessible to all.

Partners in Open Access, an Investment for the Future

Independent Voices, the first collection to be funded through REVEAL DIGITAL’s cost recovery model, showcases what can be accomplished when a company committed to research and open access works together with participating libraries to make their unique content available to a broader audience. And this innovative break-even model offers a framework for your library to make its own collections more widely available, too; without giving up your ownership of the resulting digital files.

With a model unaffected by aggressive revenue goals and questionable long-term access restrictions, REVEAL DIGITAL is committed to true open access and helping more libraries make more content available to more researchers.

Interested in learning more about how to digitize your library’s special collections? Contact Peggy Glahn at or call 734-821-3931.


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