Advisory Groups

Executive Committee

Reveal Digital is advised by an Executive Committee composed of the librarians listed below. This stellar group of thought leaders meets with Reveal Digital’s management team twice each year at ALA meetings and as needed by phone in between. They ensure Reveal Digital remains closely aligned with the needs and values of the library community.

  • * Carolyn Allen, Dean of Libraries, University of Arkansas
  • * Sarah Beaubien, Head of Collections and Scholarly Communications, Grand Valley State University
  • * K. Matthew Dames, Associated University Librarian for Scholarly Resources, Georgetown University
  • * Sharon Farb, Associate University Librarian for Collection Management and Scholarly Communication, University of California, Los Angeles
  • * Mark Herring, Dean of Library Services, Winthrop University
  • * Martha Hruska, Associate University Librarian – Collection Services, University of California – San Diego
  • * Elizabeth Kirk, Associate¬†University Librarian for Scholarly Resources, Harvard University
  • * Michael Levine-Clark, Dean and Director, University of Denver
  • * Susan Macicak, Collection Development Librarian, University of Texas – Austin
  • * Liz Mengel, Head, Collection Development, Johns Hopkins University
  • * Diane Smith, Associate University Librarian for Research and Educational Services, George Mason University
  • * Steve Sowards, Associate Director for Collections, Michigan State University
  • * Mark Stover, Dean of the Libraries, California State University, Northridge
  • * Tom Teper, Associate Dean of Libraries and Associate University Librarian for Collections & Technical Services, University of Illinois
  • * Doug Way, Associate University Librarian for Collections and Research Services, University of Wisconsin

In addition to the Executive Committee, Reveal Digital regularly seeks the counsel of librarians through a variety of other means.

Funders Round Table

Reveal Digital convenes a Funders Round Table discussion group at Midwinter and Annual ALA Meetings. All are welcome to attend this meeting. Look for announcements about the time and location of future Round Tables below.

Saturday, June 24, 2017, 1:30 – 2:30 PM, Room TBD

New Project Review Panel

Reveal Digital is advised about new project development through our New Project Review Panel. Please contact Peg Knight at if you would like to participate in twice yearly reviews of potential new project ideas.


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